I don’t love sweets and I don’t love desserts. These characters failings notwithstanding, I’ve been baking a lot of cakes because:

  • Humans (I like) like cakes
  • I like building things
  • It’s a lot easier to give somebody a cake than it is to give somebody a Sichuan Boiled Fish, which is arguably much tastier but I’m not judging

Do you have questions? I have the same ones for myself sometimes:

Who are you? Do you even know how to bake?

I work in tech, live in San Jose, and I have no training in the Arts de Culinaire de Baking or des Desserts. I like taking care in making things and I’ve got a pretty good handle on the Russian Honey Cake.

Why do you bake what you bake?

I don’t love desserts or sweets so when I do find a cake I like, I really¬†like it. Most of the cakes here are things that tickled my fancy in some way. That and desserts from the Kaffeehaus of capitals of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (Vienna and Prague). Don’t ask me why but they’re all great and I love them and maybe this is a past-life thing.

Will you bake what *I* want you to bake?

For the most part, yes! You can order a custom cake, which is like a joint adventure that is just as likely to end in elation as pain and misery. But that’s what an adventure is! Visit the Request a Cake page to learn more.

Is this a real business?

Lordy no. I just like baking some of these cakes and other people like getting these cakes. Money from cakes generally go to more cake equipment, ingredients for more cakes, cakes for friends and family, charity, or like, I don’t know, a USB-C dongle (goddammit Apple).